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 The Bloodlines

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PostSubject: The Bloodlines   The Bloodlines EmptyThu Dec 01, 2016 1:55 am


- What is a bloodline?
- ]How can I create a bloodline?
- The different types of bloodlines
- How will bloodlines affect roleplay?


What are bloodlines you ask? Bloodlines are exactly like family trees and they show who your character is related to. Bloodlines do not have to be purchased and are free to create for a limited time only. Bloodlines are a way to keep track of where and who your character has descended from. It's also a great way to keep track of blood relations. Bloodlines can even branch out to other bloodlines.


Currently, at the moment Bloodlines are being accepted, however, you only get to create 2 free bloodlines! We don't want all these bloodlines created and not all of them are even used. If you're interested in creating a bloodline please refer to this thread here. Fill out the code provided and post below the thread, a staff member will go over your request and accept or reject your family. If you're wanting to join a bloodline, be sure to let us know! You can only join a bloodline if it's open! Closed Bloodlines are un-joinable.


Royal Bloodlines - Royal bloodlines are by far the largest and well-known bloodline in a given pack and even area, in some cases. These bloodlines normally have more than 10 members in it and hold the most power and authority in a pack. Just because you have a Royal bloodline does not mean you have to be an Alpha or Alphess of a pack.

Duke Bloodlines - Duke bloodlines are the second largest bloodlines in a pack and are a tier lower than the Royal bloodlines. There normally is 7 animals in this bloodline. They have slightly less dominance and authority in a pack. This does not mean they have to be a beta.

Baron Bloodlines - Baron bloodlines are in the middle when it comes to superiority in a pack. They hold more superiority than the peasant bloodline, yet hold less than the baron and royal bloodlines. There normally is 5 animals in this bloodline.

Peasent Bloodlines - This bloodline is the most common bloodline that holds the least dominance in a pack. They are the workers of the pack and tend to hold little to no authority in a pack. There normally is 3 animals in this bloodline.


Do note that bloodlines do affect your standing and authority in a pack! The higher the tier, the more dominance you have to impact the Alpha's decisions in a pack. This can affect how Alpha's react to your character in a pack and how they may treat or recognize you. If your character's history has negatively affected you and the pack in the past you'll more than likely be untrusted in the pack because of those past mistakes. Vice versa.


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The Bloodlines
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