Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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PostSubject: Galataea   Galataea EmptyFri Dec 09, 2016 12:50 am


Galataea FP38v9n

Gala, Tea, Gal


Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Age: 3

Sardothien or Pixduas?: Sardothien



Crush: None

Mate: None

Pups/cubs: None

Eye Color: Gold

Special markings/scars: Myriad of scar tissue over her shoulder & a cut on her lip/tongue that causes her to have a reptilian lisp.

General appearance:
Conceived from the meeting of silver & gold, Galataea was always a conglomerate child, caught in between two extremes. The familial shade of aureate and blonde crafts her, as well as the rosettes, which vary largely in size and are erratically placed over her body. There is nothing surprising about her, save for the seemingly irregular patches of grey hues, predominantly which populate her extremities, her face, and her tail. Not so eye catching, but rather abnormal, setting her apart from her relations. She is a medium of brute force and lithe swiftness, an unsuspecting, average frame which still leans more towards the more lissom side of the spectrum. Made for both fighting and running, but there is no mistake of her capacity for speed. Her eyes, which are reminiscent of her mother's own chartreuse gaze, are pure gold. They rest within their sockets like polished coins, and are fringed by dark, full lashes, which, instead of curling, grow straight. Scars writhe across her left shoulder, something that has never healed properly, and a smaller marring is across her lip, which has hindered her speech.

General personalty:
Fierce. Ruthless. Galataea has long since realised the truth of this world: the strong will survive. Where the wild things are, she keeps her heart deeply encased in an infallible carapace of coldness, the cutting apathy of professionalism. She is quick, efficient, and so abrasive that she makes the warm amber of her gaze into something that is unfit, colder than any other arctic winter. The silent ruthlessness of her seems to emanate from every pore, and thrive even in the recesses of her deepest psyche. But this (as many others do) hides a rather maternal figure. She is timid, but her cold, remorseless facade warps this into antisocial tendency. She has an overwhelming urge to please that consumes her, but it is seen as a desperate way of climbing up the ladder, to ensure her survival, and not anybody else's. Galataea is a misunderstood creature, written by her contrasting, tempestuous mind, and her troubled past.


  • solitude

  • rain

  • examining nature


  • laziness

  • disrespect

  • too much noise

Borne to a meagre family in the midst of a white-marched, white-sashed revolution. It was not long before war and uprisings and barricades tore them apart. She remembers how her family wept ceaselessly, quietly at night, where ambushes ravaged every metre of warground, where blood was shed, but it was okay, because they could not see it as well. Oh, but the stench and the distant screams! Disease and ruin permeating everything, infection, beginning to consume those who became not quite living. Every atrocity committed, every gruesome execution, she was forced to see. She learned that revealing emotion was a sign of vulnerability, and that speaking against the crumbling tyranny still cost her consequence. But as news of the king's death was spoken across horizons, she escapes, her family all fallen ill, and she had promised them that she would go back and rescue them, before they were discovered as prisoners of war. But she could not. No mater how hard she has tried, she could not. So she was left an orphan, with an orphan's haunted stare and hunchbacked demeanour, until she learned to grow strong.

Kazimir / Father / Dead
Lyuze / Mother / Dead
Ana / Sister / Unknown

Application keys?:

How did you find us?:
From an advert from another site :p

Other characters:

Roleplay post:
Another winter afternoon, one of those times when you awake and you feel so cold that you briefly wonder if the blood in your veins has crystallised. Galataea was used to these afternoons. They served as a reminder of what could've been, and the mistiness, the frigidness of it all almost felt like the bygone days of another world. Very alien, yet she was standing her, experiencing the breath of winter, which mingled with her own in a fading pillar of steam. She feels frost over her whiskers, blinks them away, feel ice sprawl across her cheeks, then lifts herself up, so that the horizon surfaces from a crest of forest and dark leaf. All was very quiet, and the sun stares from its perch of distant cloud. The moon was early today; it too, perches on its own clouds, and brings a subtle wave of darker blue. Who would've thought that the sun and moon could coexist in the same sky? Who would've thought, that, these two celestial beings, so different, could be connected in ways that were farther than how the moon reflected sunlight, or how the sun was a star itself, or how the very Earth was wrapped to their whims? The moon brought tides and stars and night -- the sun brought incandescent warmth and vitality. Galataea feels content, thinking about the cosmos in her little nest of moss of other arrangement of foliage, and wishes for her thoughts to remain undisturbed, as night slowly consumes the sky.
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Character Information
Character Size: 99cm
Other Characters: Alayus & Rishi
Animal Species: Dire Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Galataea   Galataea EmptyFri Dec 09, 2016 6:29 am

Galataea Tiger_12

Interesting character! You can begin rping via making a border post to Sardothien.


Galataea Nero11

Galataea 1nero10  Galataea 1ala10  Galataea 1rishi10
Galataea 1book10
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