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PostSubject: Ranks    Ranks  EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 10:24 pm


Alphas (for males) and Alphesses (for females) are known for leading their packs in many different kinds of ways. Some rules fair and just while others rule with an iron fist. Alphas are normally addressed by their rank and name following after. Their word is law and to be taken seriously, do not underestimate them! You can become Alphas in many different kinds of ways, one being either challenge them or once they die and don't have an heir. There normally is two pairs of Alphas, often times they are mates, but every once in a while there can be only one Alpha. May accept newcomers at the border!

Betas are second in command and take control of the pack while the Alphas are away. There can be up to two beta's per pack, one male, and the other female. However, they do not need to be a mated pair if they do not want to be. If the Alphas do not have an heir than betas will become the next Alphas of the pack. They help elders in advising the alphas making important decisions. May accept newcomers at borders!

Heirs are normally the offspring of the Alphas that later become the next alphas once the current alphas have retired or died. The heirs are often chosen by their father or are put in an area a and fight till one submits to become the next heir. There the alpha trains the heir to become the next ruler. Alphas NEED to have heirs to take over. They do not need to have a mate in order to have an heir. May accept newcomers at the border!

One of the wisest and knowledgeable creatures in the pack. If you are seeking wisdom these are the animals to seek. Elders are seen as advisers of the alphas and are the oldest animals in the pack. They normally are respected depending on what pack you are in. Elders are normally seven years or older. May accept newcomers at the borders!

Deltas are third in command and take control of the pack when the betas and alphas are away. They ensure canines and felines follow the alphas rule and discipline the pack when needed. There are only two deltas allowed in each pack, they do not have to be mated to each other. May accept newcomers at borders!

The guardian is a personal guard of the Alphas. When in battle they watch out for the Alphess and her offspring and protect them with their life. You can see them around the Alphas almost always unless stated otherwise. They also help enforce the warriors of the pack. It is not required of them to watch the alpha pairs offspring, however, if they are in danger it is required of them to protect them with their life. They do not leave the Alpha pups unguarded even when the Alphas are being attacked or in battle. There is only two guardians, one of both genders. They do not need to be mates to one another. These wolves are hand chosen by the Alphas. They may accept newcomers at the borders!


Elites are higher up in the hierarchy but do not have the same authority level as a delta or beta would. They help out around the pack and lend a paw here and there. They help out with battle plans and advise the alphas when making big decisions. The help trains pups and cubs as well as make sure the pack is doing their responsibilities. May accept newcomers at the border!

Much like the name states leads are the lead canine or feline in the rank they specialize in. For example, a jaeger can become a lead jaeger. There is up to two leads per rank, one female and the other male. They do not need to be mated to each other! Ranks that can become leads are Jaeger, Nannie, Warrior, and Shaman.

Scouts have a very dangerous and special rank in the pack hierarchy. They have the role of spying on the other packs and gaining valuable information that could better prepare or help their pack out. There are only up to two per pack! They can be of any gender and don't have to be mates.


Jaegers are very important. They have to be quick on their feet in order to catch the packs next meal. They specialize in stalking and hunting and sometimes even tracking. Without the Jaegers, the pack would more than likely starve to death. They know the best places to hunt.

Warrior's are protectors of the pack, they usually are the first to go into battle and make sure that the pack is safe. These wolves have no qualms when it comes to killing and spilling blood, they usually are bulky and large. Easy to throw their weight around.

When it comes to wounds, sickness, and herbs these are the wolves to go to. They enjoy helping those around them and taking care of the weak and sick. Without the Shamans the pack would die off. When it comes to their job they can be a bit of a smarty pants with their knowledge in the arts of healing. These animals are often prepared and calm in tough times.

Nannies are the felines and canines that take care of the packs pups while their parents are away. Pups and cubs often call them just nanny as it's hard to pronounce their full name. Nannies are generally very nurturing and caring animals who are vigilant. After all, they have a hoard to take care of.


The omegas are the lowest ranking animals in the pack, but they are important. They keep the peace between pack members. They also run errands for adult felines and canines in the pack. They must make sure that the dens are clean and they eat last. If an animal is in a high or regular rank and they break the rules in their pack, the alpha could immediately give them the omega rank. Omega's also care for any of the pack's offspring. Often in Sardothien Omega's are treated unfairly and seen as the pack's beating bag, Pixduas Omegas are treated much more fairly.

Pupils are the young of the pack or otherwise known as apprentices. The pack trains them as a whole, however, they will be trained by someone of the rank they want to go into when they grow up. Pupils range between ages 4 months to 2 years old before they do an assignment that the alpha will task them with.
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