Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Site Rules

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Site Rules Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 9:01 pm

Like any other site Seeking Redemption (SR) has rules that need to be followed. Ignorance of these rules will result in a warning!

Graphic Rules

Site Rules 4811173


Respect is a key factor on this Site and we ask that you be respectful to our members and Staff Team. If you cannot be respectful to us, you will be forced to leave Seeking Redemption.

Amount of Characters...

When you join you start off with FOUR free characters. Other character slots can be purchased through the Bone Pile Shop, then and ONLY then are you allowed multiple characters. Please keep in mind that the Staff Team is busy, so it will take time to accept your Shop transactions. There is NO amount to characters you can have. When you are wanting to make another character you do not need to make another account.

Changing of Rules...

It is within our right as members of the Staff to change, add onto, or remove rules and regulations at any given time with or without a notice prior or after such changes.


It is within your right as members of this site that all content created by you will not be plagiarized in any shape or form. Ideas suggested to Seeking Redemption are an exception.

Member Expectations...

Do NOT join if you have no plans to stay active on SR. Your account will be marked for deletion and you'll get a warning. If you do not come back within a WEEK your account will be deleted.


If you're planning on being gone for more than a WEEK, please let us know. You cant pm one of the staff members below: Nero, Chassity, Raina, and Brath. Or post here that you will be gone.

Site Rules 4811188

Mating Standards...

Graphic mating is NOT ALLOWED. SR is a pg-13 site and we plan to keep it that way. If you do wish to do mating keep it to pm with your partner. Use the traditional "Fade to black" to signify that your characters are mating.

Double Posting...

Refrain from DOUBLE-POSTING! It makes our site look messy, you'll be given a reminder if your found double posting. An exception to this rule is staff updating threads or members bumping threads.

Bumping Threads...

Bumping threads is ALLOWED here on SR. However, you can bump threads only ONCE every 24 hours.

Roleplaying Before Completion of Biography...

You should NOT start to roleplay if your joining application has not been completed and approved by a member of the staff. Any posts we find will be deleted without notice.

Liquid Time...

Seeking Redemption ALLOWS liquid-roleplay. Liquid roleplay is where characters can be in multiple places at a single time.

Mandatory Threads...

Please post in all threads that say mandatory in the title. This is your alpha or alphess calling all their pack members in their respective packs for an important meeting.

We're Literate...

All roleplay posts must be 10 SENTENCES OR LONGER! Anyone not following this rule will be warned to fix their post, otherwise, the said post will be deleted. We encourage our user's to post 10 or more sentences!

Changing Biography Template...

Do NOT change the bio application code or use a different biography template from another site on Seeking Redemption. Alphess Raina created the code to be exactly as it is, so do not change it! Anyone found breaking this rule will have their application declined until it is changed. You have THREE DAYS to fix your application, if it is not fixed by then it will be deleted.

Tagging or PMing...

We highly suggest that members tag or PM a staff member if you want our immediate attention. This way we know when you want our attention.


Don't beg for high ranks! Becoming Alpha or any other high rank requires someone with skill at roleplay, is active on the site, and posts frequently in the designated clan / pack looking for a high ranked character. High ranks include: Alpha, Beta, Delta's, Guardian, Elite, Leads, and Scouts.

Amount of High Ranked Characters...

You are allowed to have up to THREE High ranked characters at a single time. You MUST kill off high ranked characters if you want another or different high ranked character. Rank battles can be another way to lose or earn high ranked characters.


Diversity is encouraged here at Seeking Redemption! Packs can have a mixture of felines and canines. We also allow different sexualities and gender identification!

Site Rules 4811205

Avatar Sizes...

Avatars should be no smaller or larger than 150 pixels x 400 pixels. A member of the Staff will inform you if your avatar is too long or too small.

Tables, Tables Everywhere...

Tables are ALLOWED on Seeking Redemption! Have mad skills with creating tables? Feel free to use them! If you are using a table from another site, be sure to give credits to their respective creators. Any tables found not giving credits will be DELETED without notice. Please refrain from your tables stretching the board, you'll be asked to fix it.

Site Rules 4811207

Members Work...

Do NOT copy other members characters! That is rightfully theirs and is considered plagiarism. Anyone found copying others will be given a warning if they continue they will be banned for a limited time. Hopefully, this warning is warning enough. If you read this far, type this in your biography: Smiffles.

We're Semi-realistic...

Seeking Redemption is a semi-realistic literate site. Therefore we allow unrealistic markings and eye colors, however, we do NOT allow hand drawn or anime characters. Please use realistic canine or feline images. There you can manipulate the photos to your heart's content. Markings or unrealistic accessories MUST be purchased from the bone pile shop.

Consistent Personality...

Please roleplay to your characters personality. So an arrogant character won't just "become" non-arrogant. Keep to your characters personality to the best of your ability.


When creating a bio, your character MUST be 2 years old or older. If you want a character below the age of two you'll have to purchase the Youth item from the Bone Pile Shop or adopt a pup in need of a role-player.

Out On Your Own...

If you want to create a loner or rouge, you MUST purchase the item at the store. If you submit a bio without purchasing the item, then your bio will be denied.

Site Rules 4811179


Please refrain from advertising in the chatbox, we have a board just for that and can be found here. Anyone caught advertising in the chatbox will be warned.

Careful of What You Speak of...

Please be aware of what you speak of in the chatbox as it can be offensive or a trigger for another member. If there are any problems bring it to private messaging, there you can work it out. If not, pm an admin.


Keep the cussing to a minimum, there are many other more filling words available. Expand your vocabulary.


Do NOT spam the chatbox repetitively, you'll be given a warning if you keep this up.


Moderators and Admins are to NOT ABUSE their power! Any staff member seen or reported of doing this will be revoked of their title without warning. You were handpicked by the founders of the site, if you're caught doing this you WILL BE revoked of your rights as a staff member. Abusive power is clearing of chat without reason or banning of members without reason. The exception to this rule is if a staff member has permission to test these rights on a member who has given permission for said staff to do so.
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Site Rules
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